"Sarajevo City Center" - Sarajevo - Bosnia and Herzegovina

Shoping mall, comercial and office space with 5* hotel - 100000 m2

This extraordinary complex spreading on total 100000 square meters, is consisting from Shoping mall, Comercial and office space and 5* hotel has bilt in Sarajevo in 2008 – 2014. It consists from total 25 floors (5 underground and 20 above ground). Base dimensions are  160 x 56 m. It consists from 3 dilatation units. One unit (the Tower) has pile foundations. Combined statical system with RF concrete cores, deep beams and frames. Structural design included foundation pit protection.
Chief of structural design Fadil Biberkić, dipl.ing.c.e. (Fabing d.o.o., Sarajevo, www.fabing.ba)