We are proud to have over 4,000 active users of our programs in more than 40 countries around the world, and we are also proud of the tens of thousands of constructions that our users, using their knowledge and our programs, have designed and built in the past 30 years.

Here we present the projects of our users designed with the help of our programs Tower, ArmCAD, Metal Studio and NormaBase.

This gallery is open to all users. If you want there to be room for your professional achievement, you need to contact us at our email or through the form on the Contact page of this site.

"Tamis gate" - Pancevo - Serbia

Residential and business complex - 45 000 m2

Residential and business building T kapija / Tamiš kapija in Pančevo, on the bank of the Tamiš river, built in 2008-2010. year, Area 45,000 m2. Floors Po2 + Po 1 + P + 5 (8 floors, 2 underground and 6 above ground). Skeletal system with AB cores, foundation on piles. Chief designer: Siniša Somborski, dipl.inž.građ, Deployed software: Tower and ArmCAD

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"Sarajevo City Center" - Sarajevo - Bosnia and Herzegovina

Shoping mall, comercial and office space with 5* hotel - 100000 m2

This extraordinary complex spreading on total 100000 square meters, is consisting from Shoping mall, Comercial and office space and 5* hotel has bilt in Sarajevo in 2008 – 2014. It consists from total 25 floors (5 underground and 20 above ground). Base dimensions are  160 x 56 m. It consists from 3 dilatation units. One unit (the Tower) has pile foundations. Combined statical system with RF concrete cores, deep beams and frames. Structural design included foundation pit protection.
Chief of structural design Fadil Biberkić, (Fabing d.o.o., Sarajevo,

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„Six Villas“ – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Residential complex - 4500 m2

Built in 2014-2015, 4500 sqare meters, three levels. Base dimensions are 54 x 28 m. Foundation is on RC slab. Soil is enforced with gravel piles. Combined constructive system with RC cores, deep beams and frames. Responsible designer of construction is Mr. Fadil Biberkic,, Fabing d.o.o. (, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Software Tower and ArmCAD.

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Building at Jasenicka str, Belgrade, Serbia

Residential and business fascility - 17 000 m2

It is a 6 storey building with 2 underground levels with a total area of 17000 m2. Object has trapezoid base shaped with non uniform raster in both directions. Construction is from reinforced conctere, monolite with frames. Foundation type is 60 cm thick RC slab.

Design and structural analysis "SPREG d.o.o", Kralja Petra I br 15, Aranđelovac, Srbija, (

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"Delta Planet" - Banja Luka - Bosnia and Herzegovina

Shopping mall - 62.500 m2

Delta Planet Banja Luka je najveći šoping mol na prostoru Bosne i Hercegovine.

Design: CENTROPROJEKT DOO, Belgrade, Serbia

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"TQ Vegas" - Indjija - Serbia

Commercial-business-residential complex - 50 000 m2

Residential and commercial building TQ Vegas in Indjija, built in 2007-2008. year, Area 50,000 m2. The building consists of 4 lamellas, business part (AB construction Su + Pr + 6), shopping center (AB + steel, Su + Pr + 1), expo (AB + steel Su + Pr + 1) residential part (AB construction Su + Pr + 6), Responsible designer: Žarko Živanović, B.Sc., Tower and ArmCAD programs used.
Artist: Tradeunique

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"TQ Plaza" - Budva - Montenegro

Residential and business complex - 45 000 m2

Residential and business building TQ Plaza in Budva, built in 2007-2008. year, Area 50,000 m2. Floors Sut + Pr + 7, Skeletal system with AB cores, pile foundation.
Responsible designer: Žarko Živanović, B.Sc. in Civil Engineering,
Tower and ArmCAD programs used.
Contractor: Tradeunique (

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