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Tower is a graphical program for universal analysis of influences in planar and space structures. By providing strong tools that are automated, integrated, all-inclusive and intuitive, this program enables the engineers to increase the speed and quality of designing. Version 7 is a high performance professional tool, based on experience lasting many years and on the latest knowledge and realization of the expert team, engineers and first-class programmers.

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ArmCAD is application integrated in AutoDesk's AutoCAD, which helps in process of making professional and high quality drawings of concrete reinforcement details. This program release the user from most difficult and error-prone phase of that process - marking, sorting, labeling, counting, forming, anchoring, optimizing and error control ! And more... At any time it is possible to obtain the specification and recapitulation of bars and meshes.

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Metal Studio is a state-of–the-art tool for making high-quality professional drawings of metal structures running on the AutoCAD platform. The Metal Studio computer program enables creating high-quality project documentation including a complete and detailed specification and summary. Great ease, simplicity and speed of work, together with functionality and flexibility, have all been successfully merged in the Metal Studio program. The high degree of integration with the AutoCAD program allows complex entities made with the Metal Studio program to behave in the same way as standard AutoCAD entities.

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NormaBase is an integrated suite of cost analysis tools. Functions include database development, search and retrieval statistical analysis, estimate/model creation and documentation. It is feature rich product that helps contractors, prepare estimates, bids and proposals.

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Radimpex Software Headlines

09.02.2015. | Metal Studio

Radimpex news Metal Studio Build 1457 has been released. See Download» section of this site for download.

The most important new features of this Build are import and export of configuration files and improved control over AutoCAD user interface (toolbars, menus and ribbons).
Along with the new build, we released the new line of program Metal Studio compatible with the latest generation of program AutoCAD which starts with AutoCAD 2015.The name of this new line of program Metal Studio is A15 and it is available to all users of program Metal Studio.
New Build contains signifficant number of optimizations and bugfixes. Read more

05.11.2014. | ArmCAD

Radimpex news ArmCAD 6 Build 6209 has been released. See Download» section of this site for download.

Since this Build, program ArmCAD 6 is compatible with AutoCAD 2015 and BricsCAD V15.
The most important new features in this Build are improvement in specifier editing with adjusting its 3D transformation, improvement in transfer and import of configuration files from other or previous versions of ArmCAD. Except those, this Build contains significant number of corrections and minor optimizations.

13.10.2014. | Tower

Radimpex news Tower 7 Build 7321 has been released. See Download» section of this site for download.

The most important new feature is implementation of method of direct dynamic analysis in seismic analysis. This feature is available for users with Expert license only (64-bit license). Beside that, it contains significant number of minor changes and improvements related with slab punching, steel and timber design and analysis of moveable load, along with certain number of corrections previously reported errors.

02.07.2014. | ArmCAD

Radimpex news ArmCAD 6 Build 6103 has been released.

This new build contains several new features, the most important are: command for automatic creation of specificators for all positions of a form, editing of specificator enabling its rotation with adjusting labels position, option for altering of bar alignment direction in constant series in plan view, alerting if bar geomerty is not valid due to faulty bending, report of meshes recapitulation could display info about quantity and percentage of the waste.

07.04.2014. | ArmCAD

Radimpex news A new version of ArmCAD has been released - ArmCAD 6 !

New version brings numerous improvements enabling faster, easier and more accurate work along with more economical usage of reinforcement. ArmCAD 6 has enriched functionality and is both-way compatible with ArmCAD 2005. ArmCAD 6 could work under AutoCAD and BricsCAD.
Free, functional DEMO is available for download. See Download» section of this site for download.

07.04.2014. | Radimpex

Radimpex news 40th International Building Trade Fair SEEBBE, April 08. - 12. 2014.

We are inviting you to visit us at 40th International Building Trade Fair SEEBBE - South-East Europe Belgrade Building Expo.
As usual, we are located in Hall 1, parter Boulevard, Stand No 1309, presenting our software.

27.11.2013. | Tower

Issued new certificate of compatibility with Russian standards. See Download» section of this site for download.

This certificate is valid thru November 28-th, 2015.

26.09.2013. | Tower

Radimpex news Tower 7 Build 7234 has been released.

Implemented several new features – the most important are: seismic walls design using design envelope for bending moments and shear forces according to EC8 (paragraph, slab punching control according to SNIP codes, export Tower files to Tower Demo file format,... Read more


About us

Radimpex Software is a company founded in 1989 and since then it is exclusively engaged in software development in the field of civil engineering. In addition to creating new programs the company is also oriented to improving the existing ones, in order to constantly meet the new demands in the field of computer program. Being engaged in this problem a number of years, our programs for structural design became among the best ones in the world. Within the ample reference list of our Users, there are Faculties of Civil Engineering, research institutes as well as numerous respectable companies that have designed and constructed numerous large and important buildings all around the world.